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Classic car conversions

Experience the thrill of cutting-edge automotive transformation with our remarkable Special Projects team. We are the driving force behind electrifying conversions and tailor-made electric transportation solutions that surpass your expectations.


Previously associated with the esteemed Vital Spark brand, we bring a wealth of expertise to fulfill your unique desires. Whether you possess a cherished classic vehicle longing for a one-of-a-kind conversion or seek an entire fleet of electrified cars, our Special Projects team will make your automotive dreams a vivid reality.

But don't simply take our word for it—discover the electrifying results for yourself and please contact us if you have a project you'd like to discuss.

Electric Converted Classic Car, Austin Healey 3000 by Sebring Works

The car is incredible, thank you.  Each day as a driver you bed into it a little more.

S.C.   |  Austin Healey 3000 Owner

Electric car conversion of an MGB by Sebring Works

Electric-powered classics are something else - I am converted!"

R.W.   |  MGB Owner

SafetyFast! Magazine June 2022 Volume 67 No 06


SafetyFast! June 2022

A follow up article following a test drive of our converted MGB demonstrator - click on the image to review the article.

SafetyFast! Magazine February 2022 Vol 67 No 02


SafetyFast! February 2002

The MG Car Club kindly reviewed our demonstrator MGB conversion - click on the image to review the article.

MG Enthusiast Magazine May 2022 No 413


MG Enthusiast May 2022

A review by MG Enthusiast - click on the image to review the article.

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