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Embrace our family-owned Cotswolds-based business, forged from the esteemed legacy of Sebring International, intertwined with Vital Spark's exceptional proficiency in electric classic car conversions and our top-tier electric skateboard chassis and technology platform.

Driving an electric converted classic Austin Healey 3000 by Sebring Works
The thrill of driving a converted classic car - Austin Healey 3000

How we help

At Sebring Works, we meticulously hand-build electric cars for individuals that wish to pay homage to the renowned sports car designs of yesteryear, whilst embracing the power and comfort of modern technology.


Our passion for automotive excellence extends beyond replicas, as our special projects division convert classic cars, special one off projects to whole fleets, preserving their timeless charm while embracing the eco-friendly and drive advantages of electric power.


Yet our expertise doesn't stop there. We also offer our state-of-the-art skateboard chassis and cutting-edge "black box" technology to not only our valued car customers but also as white-labeled solutions for low-volume manufacturers and classic car converters. 


Our commitment to innovation and collaboration enables us to share our top-of-the-line advancements with like-minded enthusiasts and industry partners, propelling the electric and classic car industries into a remarkable future.  Join us as we shape the next generation of automotive excellence, blending tradition with innovation, and delivering unforgettable driving experiences to passionate individuals and visionary businesses alike.  

The dream ride for you

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey where nostalgia and delight intertwine, reliving the cherished moments of times gone by, all whilst embracing the exhilarating demands of modern-day driving. At our core, we envision a world where the elegance and grace of classic cars meet the cutting-edge advancements of today.


Picture yourself behind the wheel, seamlessly merging the cherished aesthetics of yesteryears with the thrilling performance and innovative technologies of the present. Step into a realm where the past meets the future, where every drive becomes an extraordinary experience, and where the essence of style and sophistication effortlessly coexist with the demands of contemporary lifestyles. Embrace the allure of nostalgia with the unwavering pursuit of excellence as we embark on a remarkable journey together.


Welcome to a new era of driving, where tradition meets innovation, and dreams become reality.

Electric Skateboard Chassis Prototype by Sebring Works
Blue tipped image

Be part of our story

The development of our skateboard chassis was a game changer for us - having built our knowledge from our classic car conversion side where we have to fit battery packs in tight awkward spaces which create the challenge on performance, balance and safety - we knew that a modern approach to car design was needed for our electric replicas.

The months of hard graft have paid off as our chassis can be modified to accommodate a range of car bodies allowing us to offer many products under our own brand name (Sebring) as well as offer solutions for other low-volume manufacturers who want to go electric.

Coupled with our "black box" technology which offers updates and fixes over the air, we can track the performance of vehicles and address any software issues long before a customer is aware.  This not only gives peace of mind but ensures that your car is running at optimum levels.

View from the office across the factory floor at Sebring Works

Open Positions


Creativity is at the heart of all that we do from our communications through to our product design.  Whatever your talent, let us know if you should be our next creative hire:


Are you a whizz with a spreadsheet?  Or perhaps parts and supplier management is your bag, let us know what you could bring as our next team member:


As we scale up, we have opportunities within the high voltage side of the business as well as the assembly and technical side.  Let us know if you should be our next team member:


Have you the next idea?  Keen to get stuck into our R&D as we improve and expand our products?  Let us know if you should be our next R&D team member:

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