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Speedster set in a backdrop of stables
Porsche 356 Outlaw peaking out from garage

Joyriding for grown ups

Exclusive hand-crafted electric retro-inspired cars & classic car conversions for the ultimate driving experience of today. 


Sebring Works is the world's first specialist in designing and building new electric retro-inspired sports cars and vehicles that seamlessly blend the nostalgia of the past with cutting-edge technology.

Why Sebring Works?

What's the story?

"If you could just bottle that feeling..."  Oh wait, we have!  Hear from our founders about the Sebring journey (so far) and what drives them to do what they do - the full video premieres soon.

Premiere coming soon
MGB car outside steps of an old building

"The car you drive says a lot about you."


Battery packs for electric vehicles
Speedster teardrop lights

How we can help you

Sebring Works Sebring Electric Cars
Sebring Sports Cars Logo

Sebring Sports Cars

Electric retro-inspired factory built cars

Currently offering four 50's and 60's retro-styled retro-inspired sports cars hand built in our factory, set on our electric skateboard chassis, you can be assured of a well-balanced enjoyable drive as well as boot and frunk space making these cars suitable for your day-to-day and not just your fun summer drives!

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Sebring Works Special Projects Converted MGB under the former Vital Spark Brand
Converted Austin Healey 3000 electric car by Vital Spark now known as Sebring Works

Special Projects

Electric car/vehicle conversions, transportation solutions & hire to the film/tv industry

Whether you possess a cherished classic vehicle longing for a one-of-a-kind conversion or seek an entire fleet of electrified cars, our Special Projects team will make your automotive dreams a vivid reality.

Battery Box designed by Vital Spark, now know as Sebring Works
Microchip used in technology for black box by Vital Spark now know as Sebring Works

EV Mota

White-labelled electric skateboard chassis with integrated over-the-air software platform

The development of our skateboard chassis enables us to offer products under our own brand name (Sebring) as well as a white-labelled electric solution for other low-volume manufacturers.

Coupled with our "black box" technology which offers updates and fixes over the air, we can track the performance of vehicles and address any software issues long before a customer is aware.



Embrace our family-owned Cotswolds-based business, forged from the esteemed legacy of Sebring International, intertwined with Vital Spark's exceptional proficiency in electric classic car conversions and our top-tier electric skateboard chassis and technology platform.


Whether you are looking for an electric retro-inspired sports car or something more bespoke, we can assist you in achieving the drive of your dreams.  Utilising our technical skills and know-how developed from converting classic cars to electric drive trains through the former Vital Spark Brand, Sebring Works has developed it's own electric skateboard chassis enabling hand-built electric retro-inspired sports cars, and transport solutions that are fun to drive, benefit from modern tech whilst giving a generous nostalgic nod to the past!

Electric wires for electric car manufacture


Our skateboard chassis and black box technology ensures that our customers have the best driving experience.  White labelled we offer both of these services to other low volume manufacturers and classic car converters.

Sebring Works factory floor view from the office


Work with us

Join our thriving team at Sebring Works and discover exciting career opportunities that match your "can do" attitude. Explore our open positions today and be a part of our success story - we can't wait to hear from you!

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