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Hello Revivaller!

It is great to welcome you to Sebring Works, we thrive by putting smiles on faces!  


If you, like us, love the thrill and the look of classic cars yet want the performance, reliability and space provided for by a modern electric car yet perhaps you find modern electric cars a little dull and boring even?  Then we've got your back...


Born out of a desire to maintain that classic retro styling whilst embracing the technology and drive of today, Sebring Works meticulously hand-builds electric retro-inspired sports cars in the Cotswolds and invites you to visit us and see for yourself just what you could be driving in 2024:

New electric retro-inspired sports cars

Having developed our own electric skateboard chassis, we are able to adapt it to fit a range of replica bodies.  Currently offering four 50's and 60's retro-styled replicas, you can be assured of a well-balanced enjoyable drive as well as boot and frunk space making these cars suitable for your day-to-day and not just your fun summer drives!

Please take a look at each one below:

Feel the nostalgia whilst enjoying the contemporary drive...


Visit us at Stands 322 & 323 Over the road...

Currently offering four models representing classic cars from the 50's and 60's - chat with the team at Stands 322 & 323 "Over-the-road" at Goodwood Revival this September and see what we can build for you.

For those that visit us - you will have the opportunity to enter our exciting prize draw - with a fantastic 10% discount on a build deposit prize up for grabs - this will also secure you as a priority build slot and dream ride in 2024.  

If you have any questions in the meantime or wish to book a time to see us either at Revival or at the factory showroom then please reach out using the contact form below:

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